Harwich Harbour Foot & Bicycle Ferry
Linking Harwich, Felixstowe and Shotley since 1912

Harwich Harbour Foot & Bicycle Ferry

NEW Boat from Saturday 28th May 58 passenger capacity!

From 1st May until 30th September 2016 the Ferry operates every day! On sunny, rainy or windy but safe days.

From 1st October until 31st October the Ferry operates every sunny day.

Additional we offer River trips starting from Felixstowe, Shotley or Harwich up the River Orwell or Stour.

The Ferry will operate between 26th December and 01st January on sunny days.

for any enquiries please email chris@harwichharbourferry.com or 07919911440

Harwich Harbour, Felixstowe Ferry, Felixstowe, Shotley
Harwich Harbour Ferry route map