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Angela- a shepherd`s hut, so shabby chic

Take the Ferry across from Harwich to Shotley or Felixstowe

only 1hr 54min (23 mi) by bicycle from Shotley

only 2hr 06min (24mi) by bicycle from Felixstowe

This cosy little shepherds hut is deliciously shabby chic. Situated behind the Queen in Brandiston, Angela has everything glampers could need, from a full sized cast ion bed, to a selection of books and hot water bottles to keep you toasty. Toilet and shower facility are a short walk away in the pub, which serves up meals made from local fresh produce. Angela has WiFi and is also connected to the mains so you don`t have to worry about your phone dying during your stay.

A night in Angela the shepherd`s hut, which sleeps two.

For nightly rates and further Information please contact

Harriet Tel: 01728666404 mobile: 00447795673645 email: WEEKENDINSUFFOLK@GMAIL.COM

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